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Thursday, March 25, 2010

No fail and right on schedule, the my little McGrabby woke up at 5AM.

The sun isn't up yet! =(

He was grunting and fussy so I knew what he was up to. After he was done, clean and full we started playing a bit. Since its too early to go down (not to mention its still dark!) I've tried to let him watch a Baby Einstein video. He seems to love the music so far. He's too small to enjoy the video though, he just looks for a bit and then proceeds to roll around the bed so I let him be while I check my mails.

I am too sleepy to do anything productive yet, so I try updating my blogs, I open Facebook and I even tried my luck with online slots. It is a good distraction - but only for a few minutes. McGrabby here disapprove of being neglected.

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