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Friday, February 8, 2013

I never get to blog properly anymore. My time is usually divided between work and the kids. Anything between that I get distracted by sites like Facebook, Instagram and lately, 9gag. At times, I get to visit information filled sites where I read up on the Benefits of a tax-deferred annuity. In case you are not familiar, many prefer tax deferred annuity versus traditional savings accounts because the latter defers taxes due on interest earned until the interest is actually withdrawn, allowing money to compound much faster than with a fully taxable savings plan. Simply put, your money grow faster than that of straight forward savings. Who wouldn't want that, right? I find myself thinking of these things now that I have kids. Speaking of having kids, I am slowly gaining weight without hope of losing them if I don't act on it.

I've been meaning to go back to exercising as well. However these sinuses have different plans - they plan on clogging up my airways and they plan on giving me a headache every single time I bow my head down. I really miss it though, I miss sweating it out. Although the bad thing about it is my arms are getting very muscular already. Hubby's right, I should lose the extra pounds first then I can tone if after. I tried Zumba last week but I didn't enjoy it at all! So for now, I'll stay on the stationary bike and see from there. 

This post is just me and my random thoughts. I rarely do that anymore.


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