Growing Pains

Thursday, April 18, 2013

I was disappointed at Joshua last Tuesday. He was scheduled for circumcision on that day and he chickened out. We have been discussing this for a year already and he seemed okay with it already. He knew what to expect. Two Doctors talked to him about it already! Everything was fine that morning. He woke up early, ate his breakfast and went to the OR. He was patient and he was calm. That was that until he had to wear a lab gown...and a topical cream was given. He started to fidget and started to resist.   

I was able to talk him into it so I thought it was going to be okay. 

When the doctor came and asked him to go inside the OR he started crying and saying NO NO NO. He won't go through with it daw. We had to talk to him for 45 minutes and then finally the doctor said we just have to reschedule because Joshua was very anxious already. She won't do the procedure when the child is traumatized. So we had to come home and resched. I had talked to Joshua and he decided that he will go through with it and the schedule it tomorrow, Friday at 11AM. I am more afraid now than before. Not because of the pain but the anxiety of the thought of him backing out AGAIN. I feel bad because we are wasting the doctors time. Sometimes I think about moving this thing again for a year, but then if I do that Joshua will think that he can easily just move the procedure back. I will have Aunty Jen come with me tomorrow. She has is better in convincing people into doing her will.

Hope there's no more third time for us.


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